Old Navy

August 2, 2021

From the agency world to in-house at Old Navy, Dana Marinovich has found the inspiration to create powerful brand campaigns in each of her roles. Create & Cultivate caught up with Dana to hear what it's like to lead a creative marketing team at a global retail brand and create bold, innovative campaigns that inspire brand love.

"I love working in-house and getting to actually craft and dream and think about how this brand shows up to the world. The reach of Old Navy is quite breathtaking—millions of people get an email from us every day, millions hear and see and feel and touch the work that my team puts out there. I love getting to work for a brand that touches so many people. With that comes a big responsibility, and I take that very seriously."

Learn more about Dana's career journey that led her to Old Navy in Create & Cultivate's latest piece here.



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