Gap Inc.

October 19, 2017

Spirit Day is a way for everyone — companies, communities, families and friends — around the world to show solidarity with LGBTQ youth and take part in the largest anti-bullying campaign globally.

At Gap Inc., standing up for LGBTQ rights and equality for all, is just one of the ways we show our pride. Our LGBTQ employees and customers will be the first to tell you: visibility matters. Which is why we’ve signed on to a new set of global standards protecting against discrimination, led by the United Nations Human Rights office.

These new standards help to hold businesses accountable for their actions when it comes to LGBTQ rights and creating a truly inclusive workplace. We’ve joined with other businesses in this unprecedented global effort (and we’re the first and only apparel company to sign on). It may not always be easy to speak out against hate, but it’s always important.

As an organization, our success hinges on embracing our differences and celebrating diversity, and ultimately creating a place where everyone can show up to work as their true selves. That’s why policies like our “Zero Means Zero” policy, and participation in a global set of standards matters to us, and makes a difference.

When it comes to fighting for equality, there is more to do and always more to learn. And LGBTQ History Month is an important moment for us to reaffirm our stance. Gap Inc. employees will be marching in Taiwan’s Pride Parade on October 28th and in Hong Kong’s Pride Parade on November 25th. We’ll also be donating 30 percent of net sales from Gap brand’s Pride t-shirts to the UN Foundation’s Free & Equal campaign to continue to keep the good going.

Together, we’re celebrating the revolutionary milestones made by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, while also acknowledging there is still a long way to go.

To learn more about Sprit Day, and how you can celebrate, head to the GLAAD site here.


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