Gap Inc.

August 17, 2017

At Gap Inc., when we think about creating an amazing experience for our customers, we aren’t just thinking about a customer’s single visit. We’re thinking about how to build relationships with customers who want to shop with us for a lifetime.

Gap Inc. announced our second quarter earnings results today, and as a part of that, we shared some new insights about how our customers shop not only across channels and devices, but across our portfolio of brands. What’s one of the biggest takeaways we’ve learned from our customers? They spend more with us when they shop both online and in stores, and those numbers climb even higher when they shop across multiple brands.

“We’re increasingly using data to drive our decision-making and evaluate what creates the best customer experiences across our channels and brands,” said Sebastian DiGrande, EVP, Strategy and Chief Customer Officer. “We have an incredible opportunity to win with customers by building capabilities that make the shopping experience fast and seamless, and tailored to their individual preferences.”

With so much opportunity at our fingertips, what are we doing about it? We’re doing a lot! Each month, we’re constantly testing ways to help customers find new products and more of what they want. We’re offering up new ways to enhance the shopping experience in stores, online and on mobile and meeting our customers where they are.

For example, for customers shopping online, we’ll now recommend products curated just for you, based on what you’ve browsed or purchased in the past—all in an effort to give you a personalized experience and help you discover new products you may have missed. And the good news is, we’re getting better and better at curating customers’ preferences. The next step will be incorporating recommendations from across all of our brands so that you can truly shop for everything you want in one place.

We’re also testing a slew of new capabilities in mobile. Earlier this year, we launched new native mobile apps for Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta to help improve our customers’ on-the-go shopping experience, and we’re constantly adding new features and capabilities based on feedback from how our customers use our apps. Cardmembers can manage their accounts and rewards right from the app, and we’re working on new features that will make it easier to shop across all four brands from anywhere.

But we’re also focused on the improving the in-store experience. We've been investing in mobile devices for our stores to make it easier for our associates to meet the customer where they are throughout the store and address pain points like waiting in line or checking product availability. We now have mobile point-of-sale devices in more than 900 North American stores, and we’re excited by how customers have responded. In those locations, we’re seeing more purchases made and higher customer satisfaction rates directly from our shoppers.

As we look ahead, we have even more experiments in motion to help deliver on what customers are asking for. Everything from making our loyalty program even better, to testing buy online and pick-up in store capabilities, to continuing to learn from our Weddington Way shops in Banana Republic stores, and improving the stock we have out on the floor, we’re leveraging new technology to create a better experiences throughout our customers’ shopping journey.

Stay tuned here on aDressed to see where we go from here.


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