June 13, 2017

Athleta has made it its mission is to ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other to reach their limitless potential.

The brand is dedicated to breaking down stereotypes and helping redefine perceptions of wellness and strength. One way Athleta has brought this to life is through the Power of She. Through this year-old campaign, Athleta shares stories of inspiring women and girls united in sisterhood, uplifting one another, and making an impact in their communities and in the world through a foundation of health and wellness.

This summer, Athleta partnered with two organizations to continue to bring the brand’s mission to life:


The first organization they worked with is I AM WATER, a South African nonprofit that promotes ocean conservation by creating experiences to connect people with the ocean and help them overcome their fear of water. Athleta’s team traveled to Cape Town to learn how they break down barriers, build confidence and bring women and girls into the ocean. Athleta’s team joined hands with a mother, her daughters, and a community of girls as they unleashed their potential and discovered the courage to brave the waters and experience the ocean for the very first time.


The second organization they partnered with is GirlVentures, a Bay Area nonprofit that empowers adolescent girls to develop and express their strengths through outdoor adventure and social emotional training programs. The Athleta team traveled to California’s renowned National Park, Joshua Tree, where a community of adolescent girls hiked, camped and climbed (at times blindfolded!), while learning to “live healthy, relate wisely, and lead confidently.” Check out more here.

Be sure to visit Athleta’s Chi Blog to learn more about the inspirational women behind I AM WATER, Hanli Prinsloo, and GirlVentures, Cori Coccia, and how their organizations help women and girls across the world.

Athleta believes that alone we are strong, but united we thrive. If you want to get involved or want to challenge yourself to try something new, drop by an Athleta store anytime throughout the month of June (check local store calendars for event dates).


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