February 9, 2017

At Gap Inc. and our family of brands, we operate with the mindset of making a positive impact on the communities and the people that our business touches. That means we're focused on not only lessening the impact our business has on the environment, but also on helping people reach their full potential.

With programs like P.A.C.E. and This Way Ahead, and our climate change work with Low Carbon USA (just to name a few), we've put real time, resources, and energy into making a positive impact on people and the environment across our organization, and this year we're more focused than ever.

A strong example of this is Athleta kicking off 2017 by reinforcing its commitment to sustainability. In its catalog and a new sustainability destination on, the brand is sharing how it is lessening its impact on the environment — through choices such as using more organic cotton and recycled polyester; and how Athleta supports the people creating its apparel through participation in P.A.C.E. and the introduction of Athleta's first Fair Trade Certified™ apparel in partnership with Fair Trade USA.

“We all live in a world of limited resources. As a leader in the apparel industry we have a responsibility to think about the impact of our choices on our planet," says Athleta's President Nancy Green.

The partnership with Fair Trade USA exemplifies the brand's commitment to improving the lives of women — specifically the predominantly female factory workforce. For every Fair Trade Certified™ garment sold, Athleta pays an additional financial premium directly back to the people who made it who then collectively decide how to invest the premium to support their community.

And there's more to the story. The teams at Athleta are constantly thinking about how to be better for their customer and our planet, because, as Nancy puts it, “Athleta apparel is created for — and by — women who see the earth as their playground and want to protect it."

Learn more about Athleta's sustainability efforts here.


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