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A simple idea — that we all deserve to belong, and on our own terms — is core to who we are as a company. For over 50 years, our brands have championed inclusivity not only for our teams and customers, but also through the product and experiences we create that are Open to All.

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Our history

In 1969, inclusivity meant not just finding a pair of jeans that fit founder Don Fisher's 6'4 frame, but creating a retail experience fit for all. It meant Doris Fisher having the same equity stake in the company as her husband, back when most women weren’t expected in the building, let alone the board room. 

Explore our history of championing inclusion in the 50 years since. 

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Inclusive, by Design.

We believe that when you decide that inclusion isn’t optional, not only do the gaps between us close, but a whole new world of possibilities opens. Discover how we’re weaving inclusion into everything we do for our customers, our communities, and the planet.

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Our leadership

We have a talented executive management team focused on taking smart risks that keep us ahead of the industry to drive our people, purpose and profits forward.

Meet the leaders of Gap Inc. who are focused on driving the company forward.