We are Inclusive, by Design

In 1969, inclusivity meant not just finding a pair of jeans that fit Don’s 6’4 frame, but creating a retail experience for all.  

It meant Doris having the same equity stake in the company as her husband, back when most women weren’t expected in the building, let alone the board room. It meant standing up for LGBTQ rights decades before the world woke up to it. Or insisting on color palettes that work for the true breadth of skin tones, and on size positivity that celebrates more human dimensions. And ensuring the people who make our clothes are empowered to raise their voice and be included in conversations about their positions, their conditions, and their careers.  

We believe that when you decide that inclusion isn’t optional, not only do the gaps between us close, but a whole new world of possibilities opens. This simple idea – that we all deserve to belong, an on our own terms – is core to who we are as a company and how we make decisions. We began by hoping to bridge a generation. 

Today, we think inclusion is going to change the world. 

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Equality and Belonging Report 2021

We still have work to do. 2020 was a fundamental year for us to create the foundation needed to achieve our 2025 goals. Here is an update on our progress >

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Our Commitments to Create For All, With All

Read our commitments to drive systemic change and enable a culture of belonging for our teams, our customers and future generations.

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