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Don and Doris Fisher started Gap in 1969 with the idea of bridging the “generation gap," and now, 47 years later, the company has five brands that provide modern, stylish clothing for people of all ages.

This #TBT, we're looking across the years at some of our favorite pieces of Gap Inc. history (in GIF form, naturally):

Vintage Jeans: These jeans are a great sample of the fashionable trends captured in Gap-label denim in the 1970s. Unique stitching was an important feature at the time, especially on pockets, with funky shapes, such as stars, spider webs, wings, envelopes, and arrows.

Old print ads: The earliest Gap ads were illustrations, often of inanimate objects wearing pants (tools and flowers slipping into some denim slacks, for instance, or jeans stretched over canned sardines.) The goofy and casual tone applied timely slang, such as “cats and chicks" or “guys and gals."

Jacket catalog tags: In 1985, Gap launched a catalogue as one of the ways to present the brand's re-positioning to its customers. It's a unique and eye-catching way to send a message to more than one million customers across the U.S.

Old Navy press kit: The brand launched in 1994 with nuclear-family images of the 1950s, used to showcase the brand's focus on family and fun. Old Navy soon moved away from black and white vintage photos and developed their own unique colorful, retro-style illustrated ads.

Carrie Donovan: She was first recruited by Old Navy to write regional, weekly ads for the New York Times (where she was a prominent fashion editor), and jokingly said to Old Navy's marketing department, “I'd be great on TV." They agreed. Her Old Navy TV ads are now iconic, as is the caricature produced by Al Hirschfeld.