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Selfie Erases Student Loan Debt

Values, CompanyDanielle Samaniego, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

An Old Navy #Selfiebration leads to salvation.

Just a few weeks ago, Cathy Roebuck was struggling to find money for her wedding while dealing with a student loan debt. 

But on a whim, she entered Old Navy’s 20th Birthday #Selfiebration contest, where people tweeted selfies and a personal wish that could be granted by the brand. Cathy’s wish? “Help me pay off my student loans so I can pay for my wedding!”

Wish granted.

“I don’t win contests. I’m the person who goes into a casino, and I usually lose all our money, so this was just a real surprise,” she said.

Cathy was one of three winners chosen out of 14,000 entries. They were evaluated based on creativity, originality and quality of submission.

“I’m not one to take a lot of selfies, I just happened to have one that was from my engagement so I figured ‘Ah, people love engagements, I’ll tweet that one out,’” Cathy, an Ohio University graduate, said. “I really was not expecting anything to come of it until I got a message and I nearly had a heart attack at work.”

Her fiancé, Chris Mace, had a similar reaction.

“I called (Chris) when he was at work and I said ‘So, I just won $10,000,’” Cathy recalled. “And he was like, ‘Someone’s just going to cut us a check for 10 grand? And I said ‘No, it’s coming from Old Navy.”

And now, thanks to Old Navy, she’s shifted from wedding woes to full planning mode.

“It does make a really big difference. It’s not a small amount of money for someone to randomly win,” she said. “I was just talking to my coworkers about how weddings are so expensive and it’s going to take forever to save up for. And then it was like, ‘Nevermind!’”