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How One Shopping Trip Changed a Life

Values, CompanyDanielle Samaniego, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Scott Rowe’s whole life changed overnight.

In 2013, the military veteran spent 120 days a year working overseas. So he made sure to make the most of his time at home before having to head out again over Christmas.

But one spontaneous Black Friday shopping trip to Old Navy altered Scott's course forever. He was the lucky winner of the brand's first-ever “Overnight Millionaire" giveaway. In an instant, he went from packing his bags to doing what he couldn't afford to do for far too long—spend Christmas with his two young daughters.

“Being a full-time dad was not something I was able to do before winning that I'm now able to do," said Scott. “It's been a big change for them, and for me."

Since winning Overnight Millionaire, Scott has pursued his dreams of attending and graduating from the Police Academy — he is now a police officer in Central Texas — and opening a neighborhood bar and grill in Texas hometown. He has been able to build a college fund for his daughters.

With all of that experience with the one (big) check, Scott knows that the next Old Navy millionaire may want some advice.

“I would tell the next winner the same thing I told Karen, last year's winner, which is 'don't go crazy'," said Scott. “It can be life-changing — but don't buy a $1 million house and enjoy what you can with it."

So, what's next for Scott?

“Winning the Old Navy Overnight Millionaire this year," he said, laughing.

Hear more from Scott in this video. And for more information about this year's “Overnight Millionaire" contest, go to