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Gap design team partners with Pendleton on limited-edition plaid collection

DesignErika Lawson, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Denim and plaid: two American classics, great on their own – even better together. Which is why the Gap’s latest collaboration with Pendleton Woolen Mills makes perfect sense (especially with cold weather dressing upon us).

“With our joined legacy of design and fabric, the Gap x Pendleton Limited-Edition collection celebrates this exceptional collaboration of classic fashion and iconic plaids,” said Pendleton President, Mort Bishop III.

In a sea of brand collaborations popping up everywhere, the Gap x Pendleton collaboration stands out. What makes this collection so special is the way in which the histories of the two brands were woven together to create something completely new.

Gap’s design team dove into Pendleton’s incredible archive of historic patterns to choose the best plaids for the collection. From there, the brands worked together to make a full, one-of-kind line for men, women, kids and babies.

“Both brands have played an important role in shaping the American wardrobe and have won generations of fans along the way, making this the ideal collection to share with the whole family,” said Jeff Kirwan, Global President, Gap.

The rich heritage of American style that Gap and Pendleton share truly comes to life in each piece of the Gap x Pendleton collection, with a freshness that feels classic and current at the same time.

Shop pieces from the Gap x Pendleton Limited Edition collection below: