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#WeAreGapInc: Meet Sinae

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More than the clothes we create, Gap Inc. is defined by its people. Meet some of the talented people who make Gap Inc. great. #WeAreGapInc

Sinae Kim Graphic Designer

What do you do for Gap Inc.?  

I’m a graphic designer. I make everything you see on Old Navy's social media channels. Follow us!

What inspires you?

Everyday life! Talented people around me! And coffee!

Style personality

Minimal, tomboy, oversized, and muted colors.

Go-to outfit

A striped shirt, a straight jean, and oversized outerwear.

All-time favorite piece of clothing

An oversized long trench coat I bought in Korea. Anything I wear underneath it immediately looks cool.

Last purchase

I bought a bag of avocados for Avocado Toast Monday for my team (yes, that's a thing we do!).

First job

This is my first job ever!

Always puts you in a good mood

Iced coffee, Legos, and movies. Those three things make my perfect stay-at-home weekend.

Theme song

"Artist" by Zico. He's a Korean rapper and recently released this new song ‘Artist,’ and I've been listening to it a lot lately.

What makes you most excited to come to work in the morning?

My “froworkers” (friends + coworkers). One of my froworkers made it up. I’m so lucky to work at a place where I can make so many amazing friends outside of the office.

What makes your job unique?

I’m one of the two designers who work on Old Navy social media creative. I think that’s pretty unique. Also, I get to do hand modeling sometimes!

Why Gap Inc.?

Why not? I work with amazing people, I love the environment, and there is no shortage of great opportunities to develop my career.

Sinae Kim Signature

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