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#WeAreGapInc: Meet Roy

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More than the clothes we create, Gap Inc. is defined by its people. Our dedicated, eclectic, passionate culture is driven by pros, with personality. Say hello, get to know us, and take a closer look at what (and who) we’re made of. Meet some of the many people who make Gap Inc. great. #WeAreGapInc

With nearly 140,000 employees across the globe, it might be difficult to imagine that there’s room for everyone’s voice to be heard here at Gap Inc. But in fact, the larger our family has gotten, the more room for individuality there is. One thing that’s clear here, is our celebration of the individual (both with our customers and our employees) and our dogged pursuit of equality from top to bottom since the very beginning almost 50 years ago. It’s woven into the very fabric of our culture (if you’ll pardon the pun).

And one person who embodies this spirit with more energy and passion than just about anyone you’ll meet here, is Roy Hunt, Senior Vice President of Gap Inc.’s Global Franchise, and self-diagnosed denim shirt addict. “I get to travel the world for a living, and meet new people all the time. Everyone has something special and interesting to offer regardless of where they’re from, or what they believe in.” And it’s Roy’s curiosity about the things that make each person unique, and his enthusiasm for celebrating that, that has carried over into his work here at Gap Inc. in every role he’s taken on. Plop him down anywhere in the world, at any point in time, and he’ll make connections, make conversation, and make relationships where there weren’t any before. Meet Roy.

Roy Hunt denim profile shot

What do you do for Gap Inc.?

I run the Global Franchise business for Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy, which means I work with our franchise partners to bring our brands to customers around the world.

What inspires you?

People who work hard, face challenges head on, and never give up. I see that in our franchise team all the time!

Style personality

A denim shirt and jeans. I think I must own 20 denim shirts! My husband rolls his eyes every time I come home with a new one after a store visit.


All-time favorite piece of clothing

A warm, cozy Banana Republic sweater I bought about 15 years ago! It’s like comfort food in sweater form!

Last purchase

The last “big” purchase I made was a 1962 Airstream Trailer! I’m making it into a guest cottage at our home in the wine country.

What you’ve learned from customers

If you treat them like family, they will always stay loyal to you.

Favorite Gap Inc. moment

I just got to represent Gap Inc. at a United Nations event focused on the challenges gay youth have around the world. It was an amazing experience.

First job

Sales Associate at a retailer called County Seat. It was one of Gap’s main competitors when Gap sold Levi’s back in the day.

Epiphany moment

Coming out. I came out much later in life – and it was still one of the most formative experiences of my life. It changed the way I experienced the world and everyone in it. My connections with people were more gratifying, more honest. I finally got to be who I was.

Always puts you in a good mood

Wine and music – preferably together.

Theme song

“Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. It’s one of my and my husband’s favorite songs. As a surprise, I had it sung at our wedding.

Something people don’t know about you

I have a tattoo on my forearm that says, “Never Give Up”.

What’s your favorite thing about Gap Inc.?

The smart, committed people here.

What makes your job unique?

I get to travel the world meeting interesting people in unique places all the time!

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Interacting with people from different backgrounds, religions, nationalities, and cultures who love our brands. When you live in the US, you don’t always realize how much people really value and love Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy elsewhere. I also really love being involved in GEAR (Gay Employees, Allies and Resources) as one of the executive sponsors. Working with such a passionate, driven community of employees is amazing.

Why Gap Inc.?

Gap is one of the most iconic brands in the world and a company that accepts me for who and what I am.

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