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#WeAreGapInc: Meet Esther

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More than the clothes we create, Gap Inc. is defined by its people. Meet some of the talented people who make Gap Inc. great. #WeAreGapInc

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What do you do for Gap Inc.?

I build strategies to meet Athleta’s goals and handle the brand’s long-range planning. I source strategic vendors and suppliers, partner with brands to create products, and partner with a cross-functional team to monitor production and deliver products that are beautiful, functional and high quality. And I have a real love of fashion, so creating the products to make the customer happy drives my work. I love to see the customer happy with the design, color and fit. 

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by my daughter. She’s a little more adventurous and fearless. She’s not afraid to try new things. She’s just very brave.

Style personality

Simple with trendy elements – and mostly blues and grays. Those are my colors, but I also have to say it depends on the season.

Go-to outfit

Usually I wear skirts. But on the weekends, I like leggings and sneakers when I go exercise or have lunch with my family. I like what’s easy. I also notice that people don’t wear jeans as much in Hong Kong, because it’s hot and humid here.

All-time favorite piece of clothing

Any one piece—like a dress—because it’s simple and you don’t have to worry about what to match it with.  

Last purchase

A black Sophie Hulme bag with a gold buckle, and a Heather blue H&M sweater.

What you’ve learned from customers

First, they want great products. But I’ve learned that they truly care about the Earth and environment, and our commitment to sustainability.

Favorite Gap Inc. moment

I’ve got a few. But I really enjoyed the team building workshop where we played this paintball-based game. There were tall trees, you could hide, and they taught us to defend an attack. We got to work on strategy as a team and plot what we were going to do. We spent the day there, it was a great time.

First job

Store Assistant during the summer time at Maxmara in Hong Kong.

Epiphany moment

The moment when I knew I was pregnant. Becoming a mother, it was a big change. When you have kids, you have to think about a lot of things differently. I always think about my daughter now. And I had to learn how to be a parent, since this was my first child. She changed my life.

Always puts you in a good mood

Gathering with friends and family always does it. That, and traveling and shopping.  

Theme song

It keeps on changing as I get older. There are just too many and I can’t find which one is my theme song at the moment. But as far as artists, when I was young I really liked George Michael and Wham! and Madonna. But recently I’ve been listening to this local singer, Jacky Cheung.

Something people don’t know about you

I would like to study nutrition.

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