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Building the Garment Industry of the Future

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Improving the lives of garment workers by investing in factories.

There’s an historic movement afoot to improve the garment industry, especially in developing economies – to modernize factories, to make greener and more efficient, to innovate like never before, to bring them into the future.

New York-based growth equity firm TAU Investment Management, a firm founded by investment and human rights experts, holds the position that the investing in the factories – not just through incremental improvements, but by providing the best, most innovative technologies and financing – leads to better ways of operating, and better lives for workers.

Gap Inc., with 3,600 stores throughout 90 countries, has partnered with TAU, to promote best-in-class innovations and support the development of sustainable, modern factories and mills across Southeast Asia.

Gap Inc. will be TAU’s first brand within their apparel network.

“We invest in initiatives that will be transformative for our industry, our business and the people our business touches,” said Sonia Syngal, Gap Inc.’s EVP of Global Supply Chain. “Our legacy of commitment to sustainability…and improving factory working conditions is intrinsically part of that transformation.”

By teaming up in this unique way with TAU, the company continues to build upon its long history of improving the lives of garment workers.

It’s a win-win: TAU will treat suppliers referred by Gap Inc. as a priority for review in its deal pipeline, and Gap Inc. will consider TAU’s future transformed factories for inclusion among its preferred suppliers.