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A Longstanding Commitment to Youth

Values, CompanyTara R. Hunt, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Learn more about Gap Inc. and the Boys and Girls Club of America’s decades-long partnership serving the next generation.

Gap Inc. employees arriving at their local Boys & Girls Club, clad in volunteer T-shirts and ready to dive in, is no unfamiliar sight.

Many of these volunteers come via Old Navy's signature program, Camp Old Navy, which supports Boys & Girls Clubs programs focused on community involvement, volunteerism, and job readiness. This summer, Old Navy is kicking things up a notch with its #Unlimited campaign, a back-to-school donation drive that supports the Boys & Girls Club. Last year's drive raised $1 million.

The Gap Inc. connection to the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco is no fly-by-night philanthropy — in fact, it's older than the company itself. It's infused, by founders Doris and Don Fisher, into the DNA of the company that became Gap Inc. — five brands, including Gap and Old Navy, a key partner for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Camp Old Navy, with its commitment to youth, provides everything from in-store training to funds for summer camps in the redwoods.

"The [Old Navy] brand resonates with [Boys & Girls Club kids]," says Susan Hawkins, Special Projects Director at BGCA. "They love Old Navy. To be able to go into their local store and meet the staff and learn different facets of the business means a lot to them."

Here are some key moments from the first five decades of that partnership.