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Behind-the-Scenes with Gap and Banana Republic: Summer 2016

Company, DesignKelly Flanagan and Brooke Ginnard, Gap Inc. bloggersComment

Behind every pair of jeans, there's a team of designers, merchants, production, tech designers, sourcing, and vendors who come together to pore over every detail. Each shirt or sweater travels through multiple iterations of seams, trims, fits and sometimes even fabrics before the product's transformation is complete, and it is readied to appear in stores before it transitions to your closet.

Take a look behind the scenes at Gap and Banana Republic teams working to develop their Summer 2016 product in Hong Kong a few short months ago, when current store offerings were simply patterns, ideas and early prototypes. Peek into the process through the above video, and see if you can spot current offerings in Gap and Banana Republic stores.