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A 'Crush of Adrenaline' on the Fashion Runway

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Athleta breaks out new line of women’s active wear with a “Crush of Adrenaline” performance.

With summer coming to a close, top players in the fashion industry are preparing to showcase their spring styles at the highly anticipated Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

More than 80 shows and events will usher in the new season over the week of September 4th—including big name designers like Tory Burch, Rebecca Minkoff and Nanette Lepore.

There’s a sweet surprise though—fitness fashion is set to make its first-ever runway debut.  

Athleta plans to break out its new line of women’s active wear with a “Crush of Adrenaline” performance put on by quite the cast of dancers, parkour gurus and yogis.

We’ve even heard that the show has been choreographed by one of Queen Bey’s choreographers (and if that’s not enough—the promo video already has us hyped).

Better yet—while this famous week may give off that uber-exclusive vibe, Athleta’s actually calling on all the super-star women out there to help set the tone for their “reimagined runway.”

Whether you’re meditating in your morning yoga class, hiking to the top of Half Dome, or setting a personal running record, they want to see pictures of YOU crushin’ that runway we call life.

By posting your photos to Instagram and tagging with #CrushtheRunway, you’ll enter for a chance to win all sorts of cool prizes. For the full rundown on the contest details, check out the post on Athleta’s Chi blog.

(But really, the video’s got our blood pumpin’)