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#WeAreGapInc: Meet Micah

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More than the clothes we create, Gap Inc. is defined by its people. Meet some of the talented people who make Gap Inc. great. #WeAreGapInc

Micah Csider HOME.jpg

What do you do for Gap Inc.?

I help people within our field locations if they have questions or incidents to report. I help to make our field locations function as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

What inspires you?

The possibility of learning as much as I can through challenges and experiences. Pursuing passions and interests, and generally being the best I can be.

Style personality

Refined, relaxed casual.

Go-to outfit

Oxford shirt or flannel with chinos and black Vans.

All-time favorite piece of clothing

A small grey wool beanie I bought in San Diego as a sophomore in high school (think Rocky Balboa’s coach).

Last purchase

An AudioTechnica turntable.

What you’ve learned from customers

Everyone has a story. They deserve the best experience at our stores. They need to feel valued.

Favorite Gap Inc. moment

It’s not really a moment, but the fact that they’re so involved in art. I can go to the SF MOMA for free as a company employee. I can go up to the 15th floor and check out the paintings and sculptures. I like that they care about art in a way that shows up all over our offices and our community.

First job

Working at Walnut Creek on Ice, a seasonal ice rink in the East Bay.

Epiphany moment

Graduating from S.F. State and wondering what to do next.

Always puts you in a good mood

80’s music. I love 80’s music.

Theme song

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears (see: “80s music”)

Something people don’t know about you

I’m the ninth of ten kids! Age ranges from 40-21. I have six sisters and three brothers.

What makes you most excited to come to work in the morning?

To learn and see how else I can help the team.

What makes your job unique?

It’s so cool to get to constantly interact with people who work in our stores. If they have questions, they know to call me. That connection is pretty neat.

Why Gap Inc.?

They stand for a lot of good things. I love the sustainability aspect, that it’s a Bay Area company. It’s a beautiful building that I get to come to every day. And I love what Gap means to others.

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