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#WeAreGapInc: Meet Kindley

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More than the clothes we create, Gap Inc. is defined by its people. Our dedicated, eclectic, passionate culture is driven by pros, with personality. Say hello, get to know us, and take a closer look at what (and who) we're made of. Meet some of the many people who make Gap Inc. great. #WeAreGapInc

Nineteen years at a company teaches you a lot, but more importantly, it means that the people you work with become family, and what you do every day becomes your life's passion. Such is the case for Kindley Walsh Lawlor, newly appointed Vice President of Gap Inc.'s P.A.C.E. program, which launched 10 years ago. Growing up in the mountains of Vermont, Kindley's parents always made it clear that “You are never better than someone because you have something that they do not," as she puts it. This simple philosophy has informed much of Kindley's career and the issues to which she's devoted her time — personal and professional.

Nearly 20 years here means she's not only grown up in the retail industry, but she's also grown with it as it's matured and evolved. As she's grown, she's continued to hone her focus on what moves her: women's advancement and the women who make our clothes. At a company devoted to empowering women near and far, Kindley's made a mark, and exemplified the power that women have when they celebrate and support one another, regardless of how many oceans may separate them. We sat down with Kindley and got to know her better, hear some of her incredible stories of the women she's met on her travels, and ogle her impressive turquoise jewelry collection.

What do you do for Gap Inc.?

My work centers on women globally who would benefit from the P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement) program, focused on both work and life skills. P.A.C.E. curriculum is translated and contextualized for the women's local setting and focuses on things like communication, water, sanitation and hygiene, and financial literacy. Our goal is to help women's voices become stronger so that they are confident in raising those voices when it comes to decisions for themselves, their families and their jobs.

What inspires you?

Creativity. But what I mean by that is being creative about being creative! I see creativity in everyone — certainly in painters and sculptors, but I see it in sewing workers who use their hands to create beautiful things, in farmers who grow something to feed or clothe us, and in kids who feel limitless in how they can express themselves.

Style personality

Boho chic :)

Go-to outfit

Boots, jeans, handwoven blouse, turquoise and silver Native American jewelry.

All-time favorite piece of clothing

Custom cowboy boots that celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary. (They are covered in little nods to my life with my husband and my kids.)

Last purchase

Books! I read constantly when I travel. (When I'm not doing needlepoint, that is!)

What you've learned from customers

That they want it all from us — great product, high quality, and fair treatment of people who make the clothes.

Favorite Gap Inc. moment

The moment I realized that my knowledge of the apparel supply chain could help improve the lives of the women who make our clothes.

First job

Typing real estate appraisals in a small ski town in Northern Vermont.

Epiphany moment

If I'm going to work every day, I want to do something that my family will be proud of me for — it was the instigator for me to move to Sustainability the year my first child was born.

Always puts you in a good mood

Music, my family, pasta :)

Theme song

"Take It to the Limit" by The Eagles. I love a good road trip song, and one that sparks memories, and that song always hits both of those marks for me.

Something people don't know about you

I was the weird kid in high school. Or maybe that's still apparent?

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