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How Gap Inc. delivers inspiration through fashion

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  All photography by Ryan Chua for Inspirafashion

All photography by Ryan Chua for Inspirafashion

Bay Area blogger Kathleen Murillo, the creative force behind Inspirafashion, is all about that moment you become inspired to leave your stamp on the world via fashion. At a recent panel at Gap Inc., Kathleen spoke about how retail brands can tap into this universal desire to be inspired as we get dressed and present ourselves to the world. In addition to sharing what inspires her, particularly as an Asian-American consumer, she spoke about the uniqueness of the Gap Inc. experience and why she keeps going back to the brands.

What is your favorite Gap Inc. piece and why?

Hands down, the Gap 1969 legging jeans — they're not only stylish and can be styled dressy or laid-back, but they're also extremely comfortable. They're the perfect casual but chic wardrobe staple.

What do you think differentiates Gap Inc. brands from other retailers for the Asian-American consumer? For example: Is it fit (like the petites section at Banana Republic and Gap), fabric, color, fit, trend, shopping experience or heritage? Basically: What keeps you coming back to our brands?

I think it's so important for the Asian-American consumer to have options that will make them feel comfortable and at ease shopping at a store. Meaning, for Asian-American women in particular, it's essential for us to have options for petite sizes. Typically, Asian-American women are a bit shorter and have smaller feet. With this, it's integral to have options for petite jeans or pants, as well as shoe sizes that are available as low as size 5. I really appreciate how Gap Inc. brands cater to these types of sizes, which keeps me coming back to those brands.

How do you shop our brands or learn more about what's new at Gap Inc.? Are you a mobile shopper, more of an in-store browser, or both?

It depends on what I'm shopping for — if it's accessories like bags and jewelry, or simple tops, then I'd usually purchase online or mobile. However, if it's jeans or shoes that have a particular fit and I'll need to try on in person — then I'd prefer to browse in-store. I keep up to date on what's new at Gap Inc. by subscribing to the emails or following on Instagram.

In this mobile-first era, what makes a great shopping experience if you're browsing on your phone or iPad?

What makes or breaks it for me, in terms of shopping on my phone or iPad, is the product browsing features. It should have an ease and seamless flow, where I can find right away what I want to shop for. Having available the types of clothing, as well as different sizes and color, is very handy. Also, it's all about visuals and how the item is displayed or featured — I love when there are gorgeous editorial images on the home page. It gets me interested to see how the new collection of clothing can be styled.

All photography by Ryan Chua for Inspirafashion