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Window shopping: Behind the glass with Banana Republic’s Teague O’Malley

PeopleKelly Flanagan and Brooke Ginnard, Gap Inc. bloggersComment

Design is in the details. And it takes obsession with detail to breathe life into that irresistible piece of clothing. These are the people behind the scenes at Gap Inc. — the dedicated professionals who push themselves every day to create customer experiences that resonate. Get to know these heroes of their craft.

Teague O'Malley and his team have one goal: to inspire.

Their stage? Banana Republic store windows, where Teague and team create engaging, artistic displays around the brand's latest product — providing a peek into the possibilities if you pop in for a look, whether you're a fashionista on the hunt for the latest or still searching for your style muse.

"We really focus on dynamic presentations that will make someone turn their head," Teague explains. "Once we turn their head, the product tells the story."

As the Creative Director for BR Store Experience, Teague shares his passion for creativity and design with the world and with his teammates — encouraging everyone who experiences their work to create and inspire, too.

Check out the video, above, for a glimpse behind the scenes at Gap Inc. and Banana Republic.