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Designing the perfect Friendsgiving

Design, PeopleKelly Flanagan, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Deck the halls and dress to impress... it's time to gather your friends for Friendsgiving!

This chic tradition brings together the family you choose to surround yourself with so you can share in your favorite foods, customs and festivities that make the holidays worth waiting for every year. Everyone brings their special recipe, drink or decor to the table to create a giant feast of fun.

This year, Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic partnered to create their own Friendsgiving — featuring next level, oh-so-Instagram-worthy recipes, drinks, table decor and, of course, head-to-toe looks styled by a beloved set of Bay Area influencers.

Sacramento Street blogger/designer Caitlin Flemming hosted this Gap Inc.-brand fueled Friendsgiving, conjuring a stunning table setting with delicate pine needles, taper candles and autumn-inspired flowers.

Guests Erica Coffman (Honestly WTF), Nichole Ciotti (Vanilla Extract), Amanda Holstein (Advice From a 20-Something), Todd Wagner (Honestly YUM), Erin Hiemstra (Apartment 34), Jeanne Chan (Shop Sweet Things) and Therese Jacinto (Craft & Couture) each contributed their own dishes, libations and decor to bring the celebration to life.

Take a look behind the scenes as Caitlin and her guests get ready for Friendsgiving. See how Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic teams partner with each trendsetter to define and capture his and her holiday looks in the video, above.

Because it's always better to celebrate with friends, in style.