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A seamless experience for job seekers

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From industry-leading technology on our e-commerce sites and apps, to mobile POS, to single checkout, we're embracing digital in every area of our business. So it's no surprise that when candidates are considering Gap Inc. as an employer, they expect a seamless, user-friendly experience when applying for a job.

This October, Gap Inc.'s Talent Marketing team launched a new careers site that allows the company to continue to attract the very best talent, while showcasing Gap Inc.'s entire brand portfolio. Candidates are able to search for jobs at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, Intermix and Gap Inc. within one connected experience — maximizing hiring potential.

Visually, the design was intended to be cohesive, yet maintain each brand's individuality. Users are able to experience a slice of life at each brand, with imagery and video showcasing current employees and offering a glimpse of life behind the scenes at Gap Inc.

To help guide the overall site strategy, the Talent and Technology teams relied on focus group research with external candidates, while also benchmarking against industry leaders.

Here are three key insights the Talent team used to guide the site's design:

1. Above all, candidates want to quickly and easily find the jobs they are looking for.

The team made search front-and-center, building a custom keyword search to make it easy for candidates to scour more than 5,000 jobs. Search is performed by keyword within the brand(s) of the candidate's choice. Users are able to further filter by category, city, state and more.

As more and more candidates visit the site, the Talent team will utilize user feedback to continue to enhance the search tool.

2. Approximately 65% of candidates use mobile devices to apply for jobs.

A mobile-first philosophy was a must-have. The site uses a responsive design — responding to each user's behavior as well as every unique device — making it easy to search for and apply to a job on the go.

3. Candidates care about culture fit. They want to understand and support their employer's values, and know how the business impacts communities.

A content-rich experience showcases all of that and more. The Talent team partnered with brand Communications and Marketing teams to develop a custom design for each brand that not only aligns with the e-commerce sites, but also features employee stories and videos that showcase Gap Inc.'s culture.

Users will notice unique content displayed on each page — some relating to their specific job searches — delivering a truly dynamic experience.

What's next?

Based on user feedback and insights, the Talent team will continue to evolve the site. The biggest thing in store thus far? Throughout 2016 and into early 2017, the team will launch translated brand experiences for the countries in which Gap Inc. operates.

Check out the new careers site. Questions? Comment below.