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Donate button brings good vibes to your shopping experience

Technology, ValuesErika Lawson and Carlee Gomes, Gap Inc. bloggers1 Comment

During your next online shopping trip, your purchase may very well give you a fix of Instagram-worthy fashions and a dose of good karma.

Based on the success of an already popular in-store experience with customers, the tech team at Gap Inc. recently incorporated the option for customers to donate directly from the ecommerce site, where shoppers can opt to donate a few dollars to partners such as Girls on the Run — seamlessly — as they check out.

The process is unobtrusive and optional — but one that is a cause for much celebration among the teams working on the digital innovation.

“This is a project where we are able to see the results," said Camille Collier-Young, an Online Donations Team Project Manager. “I get to go to the website and be like, 'Ah! I helped with that!'"

To kick-off the project, Gap Tech's UX Team put together a design for how the experience should work and then handed it off to the Online Donation Team for production. The feature is highly flexible — from both a usability and customer donation perspective — and the team is able to pivot and incorporate updates based on the data and results they are seeing, only in a matter of days.

The technology was finished after a team across two continents and three time zones — North America and Asia; Pacific, Central, and India Standard Times — collaborated to get it done. The donation option, now visible to shoppers at, is slated to be rolled out across other brands as well over the coming months.

"This is a project that really made my mom proud," said Jeff Orange, Product Manager on the team, who had previously been working on a project involving credit card checkout. "We made a decision as a company to move forward with online donations because it fits with our company philosophy for giving back to the communities we are a part of. That's why we did this project."

"Oh, and it makes my mom proud of me!" Orange added.