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Lots of peace, love and happiness over Mr. Men Little Miss x Gap

CompanyTara R. Hunt, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

We turned to the ever-cheery Little Miss Sunshine when we were feeling blue. We rooted for the bandage-laden Mr. Bump, who bumped into just about everything. And we empathized with the cleanliness-challenged Mr. Messy.

Children of the 1970s and 1980s would be hard-pressed to deny the nostalgia for Mr. Men Little Miss books and their iconic, brightly colored, orb-like characters with distinct personalities — some more desirable than others. And now that the original generation of Mr. Men Little Miss readers has children, the Gap has partnered with the beloved children's brand on an exclusive collection — with a distinctly Gap twist.

The Mr. Men Little Miss brand includes children's books penned and illustrated by British author Roger Hargreaves, as well as a range of children's products. The new collection is available now at Gap stores and online featuring two brand-new characters: Mr. Gap and Little Miss Gap, stylishly fashioned after Gap founders Doris and Don Fisher in late-1960s garb.

The exclusive line offers onesies, bibs, blankets, socks and hats all designed with Mr. Men Little Miss' signature look and feel. The collaboration, a natural fit between Gap Inc.'s namesake brand and the classic children's series, features many of the series' original characters, including Mr. Bump, Little Miss Hug, Mr. Happy and Little Miss Giggles.

Mr. Gap and Little Miss Gap join in the fun in a most San Francisco way, as a nod to the company's hometown. Replete with a flower power vibe and covered in San Francisco landmarks, the clothes feature characters waving from a cable car — imploring us to "enjoy the ride" — and throwing peace signs in front of the original Gap store. A most-groovy Don Fisher is even holding a record — a reference to the records sold at the original Gap.

There's already buzz about the two iconic brands joining forces — check out the POPSUGAR writeup — and you won't want to miss out. The limited-edition collection is in stores and online now, where you'll also find books on sale from the original series.