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Don’t wait ’til Spring: Wear New York Fashion Week trends now

DesignDarby Gaynor, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

That moment a model comes around the corner and hits the runway at a New York Fashion Week show, a collective swoon cascades through the audience — We want that. Now.

The collections sashaying down the runway will define how the most fashion-focused folks will dress come Spring — but there's no need to wait for the best in women's clothing, as the themes are trending as we speak right out of Manhattan.

Here are some of the hottest trends we're seeing on the ground: denim, florals and black and white.

Get a head start with some key pieces from the Gap Inc. family of brands that you can add to your wardrobe right now.

Flower Girl

Like a caterpillar shedding its cocoon, transitioning from the darker, harsher winter to the lightness of springtime piques our femininity. Case in point: the look from Jill Stuart's Spring show, pictured above left.

Florals for Spring is, of course, a natural fit — but many fashionistas choose to wear the look year-round. In September, florals lend themselves well to intricate patterns and optimistic colors that compliment the transition to Fall. From a flowy maxi dress to a playful romper, these pieces will add some beautiful, fashionable patterns to your closet right now, and can be beautifully layered with some of your other fall favorites.

Denim, Denim Everywhere

The current denim trend has some serious legs .... and arms, and everything in between. If the shows this season have proven anything, it's that denim isn't just for jeans — and this Gap Inc. staple is taking over wardrobes in a variety of styles. Whether it's a slouchy patchwork pant or a tailored sheath, pick your preferred way to wear it because, clearly, denim is king. Edun (pictured above center) is just one designer who made that clear this week.

Black and White

What is black and white and chic all over? It could be you. One of fashion's most classic color combos is back and fresher than ever, much like the look from Victoria Beckham, pictured above right. Go for a monochrome look or get graphic in black and white. Its possibilities are endless, its cool unparalleled.