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The Checkout: Gap denim, the timeless style staple

PeopleSally Colwell, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Customer: Mae Capron from Marin County, Calif.

Spotted at: Gap, Store #148, The Village at Corte Madera, Calif.

What brought her in to shop: “I was looking for some jeans. Gap has a great variety." Nearly 46 years later, Gap is true to its roots as the go-to place for cool, casual denim for all ages.

Favorite in-store item right now: Without hesitation, 14-year-old Mae knows her style. “Light wash, high-rise skinny jeans."

How she describes her style: “I see someone walking on the street, at school or wherever, and I see something they're wearing or a certain aspect of their style that I like; I'll incorporate it into my style. But mostly it's just what I like to wear, what's comfortable and also looks good."

Where she gets inspiration for her own personal style: “Pinterest sometimes — I follow people on Instagram and there's people at school. Mostly, though, I just do what I like."