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Blueprints for the future of denim

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Recently, more than 100 mills — the places that provide the world with fabric — traveled to Barcelona to showcase denim trends you haven't even heard of yet.

It is like getting a sneak peek into the trendiest closet the world won't see until late next year. The event, Denim Premiere Vision, allows only the most innovative of mills to present the world's leading fashion brands with the trends they are observing for the Fall/Holiday 2016 season.

Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic designers and members of the supply-chain team were on hand to observe, learn, and be inspired. The foresight allows Gap designers to get up-to-date product ideas and discuss how the latest trends could be translated into Gap product.

“Design is more ahead of the trend and can help develop the right product in earlier stage," said Lisa Wong, division manager of merchandise sourcing. In making these observations early on, Wong said, the supply chain process becomes faster and more responsive.

What were some of the trends that we can bank on seeing? High stretch capability and unisex fabrics dominated the contruction trends, as did thick, chunky yarns and loose weaving for a textured look. Yarn trends included performance capabilities, and glitter and color yarn for visual accents. 

Gray continues to be a big color trend, as do green tones. Finishings, such as bleach paint splash washes and pigment stains, along with rips and frayed edges, were a big show. Many mills also displayed their commitment to sustainability, introducing denim selections that takes less water or energy to produce; one mill even shared a denim built out of vegetables.

“The show brings innovation to our brands and inspires design to set the trend," Wong said.