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Brand bootcamp: 5 women work out with Gap Inc.

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In the days of fitness past, women only had a few places to shop when it came to workout style — sometimes, the only option was a small section of the men's department.

Luckily, women's activewear has come a long way. Female athletes now have lots of options when shopping for looks to optimize their workouts — options that help them feel confident and maximize performance. And Gap Inc. has something for everyone, whether you are a hardcore athlete, or just want to look like one.

- Old Navy Active is the best option for the whole family — it offers stylish, hard-working performance wear at accessible prices. Everyone is invited to play. Old Navy Active styles feature key performance attributes, but they are also on trend for wearing to, from and during exercise.

- Designed with innovative fabrics and thoughtful details, GapFit is the best choice for those looking to build the foundations of their workout wardrobe. The pieces move with comfort and style while featuring flattering fits for both high- and low-impact activities.

- While Banana Republic doesn't offer activewear for hardcore workouts, the brand takes inspiration from the active trend, offering jogger pants and innovative knit fabrics and styles. The jogger utilizes wools and cottons in both knit and woven fabrics … a great alternative to either a chino or five-pocket denim. Dress your joggers up or down with a slim blazer or a denim jacket.

- Athleta is Gap Inc.'s premier fitness and lifestyle brand, created exclusively for women who live life on the go. With female athletes as its designers, Athleta blends performance innovation with style to offer versatile pieces in premium, technical fabrics for all-day outfitting.

- INTERMIX is famous for mixing fashionable pieces in unexpected ways, offering the most coveted designers and sought-after styles from the industry's best brands — and that includes active brands Theory +, Lucas Hugh and Stella McCartney x Adidas. It's all about mixing athleisure with our casual sportswear.

What better way to bring these five options to life than with five truly inspiring female athletes?

Outfitted by stylists from Old Navy, Gap, Athleta, INTERMIX and Banana Republic, and coached by BootCampSF's Katy Dilorio, five badass ladies from Gap Inc.'s headquarters stormed San Francisco streets for a high-intensity workout in high style.

Check out our interviews below to learn more about why fitness is important to these five women, and how their style choices help them get the most out of their workouts … or just make them feel chic.

Sasha Radovich

From Athleta, Sasha is wearing the Crunch 2 Tank in ember orange; the Push The Limit Bra; Dobby Sonar Capris in black; and the Sentry Hoodie Sweatshirt in grey heather.

How do you stay active each week? I try to attend as many of the three BootCampSF classes [offered at Gap Inc. headquarters] a week. I also go to Yoga on Sundays, and I ride my bike to casual car pool to commute to work. I also try to walk as much as possible.

What do you look for in athletic wear? That it is comfortable and doesn't show sweat — especially on the pants. And that it is flattering.

How do you describe your personal style? I've never described my personal style, but something like a bit hard/rock and roll and a bit sassy.

Why is having a weekly workout routine important to you? To stay healthy, and to keep my back strong. If I don't exercise, my back is vulnerable to slipping out and can be really painful.

Who are your exercise partners? My partners are my Gap Inc. bootcamp girls!!! Yay! Every once in a while I work out with my husband.

Do you shop for athletic wear for any family members? I don't shop for athletic wear for anyone else but myself. It seems to be pretty personal. Although I did buy stuff for my mom for her birthday, which she loved!

Do you have a favorite Gap Inc. brand? What makes it your favorite? Athleta right now. I love their athletic wear and they are particularly focused on how to integrate sustainability into their product. I love that you can return stuff that doesn't work for you.

Salee Suwansawad

From Banana Republic, Salee is wearing the Gray Denim Drapey Pant with the "Sun Sand Sail" Graphic Tank and a black BR Monogram Soft Bomber Jacket.

What are your favorite ways to work out? I attend two different bootcamps! The main one is with BootCampSF. I do an additional day with City Boot Camp on Mondays, just cause I love it so much!

What do you look for in athletic wear? Price point is very important to me, as well as design. I am a big fan of Old Navy, but appreciate the technology and love the designs at Athleta.

How do you describe your personal style? I take risks. I tend to like things that don't follow mainstream trends. I love things that are edgy and unexpected.

Why is having a weekly workout routine important to you? I have two children and am responsible for their school pick-ups and drop-offs, so I've prioritized lunchtime workouts into my workday. Not only does it provide a much-needed break in my busy day, but it's a great stress reliever! I also find the lunchtime groups to be very supportive, as many of us have similar schedules where we prioritize our families first, thus making morning and afternoon workout sessions not feasible.

Who are your exercise partners? My bootcamp groups are my favorite exercise partners — we've been working out together for the past two years! During vacations, my husband and I will work out together. He does group exercise at his job and we create a joint workout that encompasses both of our classes.

Do you have a favorite Gap Inc. brand? That's a tough call! I actually really love all of our brands for different reasons. I'm really loving what is going on at Banana Republic! They look strong and have some incredible product! Gap continues to surprise me with its T-shirt design collaborations. And I love Old Navy! The kids clothes are great! And their Active stuff is amazing with an amazing price point.

Melanie Davies

From Old Navy, Mel is wearing High-Rise Compression Capris in wineglass bay; a Go-Dry Graphic Tank in Oahu blue; a High Support Mesh Racerback Sports Bra in wineglass bay; and a Lightweight Jacket in bluetification.

How do you stay active each week? I take BootCamp classes 3-4 times a week, and I also run on weekends.

What do you look for in athletic wear? Comfort with fit. Good material that will handle a rough BootCamp class, in nice designs and colors.

How do you describe your personal style? Hmmm... good question. On-trend but not cutting-edge.

Why is having a weekly workout routine important to you? A routine keeps me fit both mentally and physically — I feel like I perform better at work and also in my personal life. I love the fact that I can work out at lunch during the workday — I have two kids, and my husband leaves for work at 5:30 a.m., so the end of the day is the only time I have with my family.

You said your daughters helped pick out your Old Navy outfit today, from the stylists' options. What made this the winner, in their minds? They loved the design on the pants along with the really bright colors, and had a great time matching them!
What do you like about your Old Navy Active look? I love that the pants are so high-waisted and hold “everything” in. The material feels strong, and the fit is great. The sports bra covers more of your chest, so it doesn't droop down and show cleavage when you're bending over. The clothes also wash really well.

Ellen Canale

From Gap, Ellen is wearing GapFit gFast print-panel 21" capris paired with a GapFit woven racerback tank.

How do you stay active each week? I love high-energy workout classes. I can't say enough about San Francisco Burn, a workout studio here in the city that combines cardio, weights and pilates in a high-intensity 60-minute workout.

What do you look for in athletic wear? Comfort is key. I'm someone who enjoys a tough workout, and I want my athletic wear to keep up with me. If I look good while working out, that's a bonus!

How do you describe your personal style? Relaxed classics.

Why is having a weekly workout routine important to you? I'm a former collegiate athlete (I played basketball at Eastern Illinois University as a shooting guard), so my whole life I've had a workout routine. Working out was basically my job in college, but it's always been fun for me and gives me a competitive outlet to push myself.

Who are your exercise partners? I feed off of the energy of my instructors and others in my classes.

Do you have a favorite Gap Inc. brand? I love Gap for classic pieces. Similar to when I work out, comfort is key, and there is nothing like a great T-shirt.

Jacqueline Egnan

From INTERMIX, Jacqui is wearing red capri leggings by Theory + paired with a Turtleneck Zip Jacket from SWEATS by Norma Kamali.

What are your favorite ways to work out? I try to SoulCycle at least twice a week. But if I'm not able to make it to class, kettlebells at home will do. Next on my list to try are the classes at Pilates ProWorks — my friends are addicted!

What do you look for in athletic wear? As long as it provides both fashion and function — stretchy, comfortable and breathable — I'll wear it!

How do you describe your personal style? Casual — I just want to feel like ME. I like a good high/low — I invest more in shoes and bags.

Why is having a weekly workout routine important to you? Not just for health reasons, but an hour on the bike with a killer playlist can change the way you look and feel!

Who are your exercise partners? I work out with one of my BFFs, Rachel. She's nuts, but the best person for me to work out with. She made me run seven miles after we took a SoulCycle class together ... never again!

Do you have a favorite Gap Inc. brand? I'm a fan of all our brands, and tend to mix items together.