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The Checkout: Undone, yet zipped up

PeopleSally Colwell, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment

Customer: Ira Zuliana from San Diego

Spotted at: Banana Republic, Store #8128, Village at Corte Madera, California 

What brought her in to shop: “I really like the new line under Marissa Webb's direction. It's more my style than previous seasons." Marissa Webb's touch adds a flirty sophistication and subtle edge to the Banana Republic collection. If you haven't already, visit a store near you — you'll notice the refreshed look, too.

Favorite in-store item right now: “I just bought it! It's a jacket — a very masculine baseball jacket. I think it's very cool to mix and match very girly dresses and masculine jackets." We agree. Ira purchased the BR Monogram Soft Bomber Jacket, which playfully moves from day to night. The summer of 2015 might be remembered as the season of athleisure; don't miss out on this trend. 

How she describes her style: “Very undone — I'm a very undone person." Nowadays, tomboy style covers the streets of the most trendy cities. The relaxed trend encourages women to move freely in their clothes with effortless style, marking a huge change since the days of corsets! Banana Republic's collection of boyfriend products, from Indigo Boyfriend Jeans, to the Boyfriend Shirt, to bomber jackets, refines this undone look.

Where she gets inspiration for her own personal style: “The Olsen twins, I really like them. And, from Who What Wear."