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Put a ring on it — and a necklace, and a bangle...

DesignJames R. Sanders, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Summer, summer, summertime — when some might be inclined to shed those layers or show more skin — is the perfect time to experiment with accessories. Thinking of letting a bangle enjoy the limelight? Considering taking the plunge with a statement plunge necklace? Read on.

Regardless of whether your aesthetic is minimalist, urban, or luxe, there's always something for everyone. And you can build experimentation into your accessory repertoire using key events as your jumping-off point. Here are some ideas, as well as some key pieces of outfit icing from our brands.

Occasion: First Day of Work

The first day of work can be nerve-wracking, filled with anticipation and excitement. But, especially for those working in highly formal or particularly fashionable fields, accessories can be your best friend; they're the perfect thing to take a plain navy or black ensemble to the next level.

Inspiration: Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada) and the statement necklace

Miranda Priestly is probably the most difficult boss from any film in modern pop culture. Regardless, she was a huge fashion inspiration — and a lot of what made her looks so amazing was the jewelry, particularly necklaces that really make a statement.

1. Leather Fringe Necklace (Banana Republic); 2. Tassel Slider Necklace (Banana Republic); 3. Jennifer Zeuner Curved Bar Three Tier Necklace (Intermix)

Occasion: Date Night

Date night can be fun and easy, making it a good time to shake things up with your look.

Inspiration: Blake Lively and the cocktail ring

Blake Lively is particularly fond of accessories, to which her Instagram account can attest. A big cocktail ring, which has been spotted on her fingers before, can take you everywhere from the Met Gala to the Mets game.

1. Labradorite Ring (Banana Republic); 2. 19Fifth Diamond Multi Layer Ring (Intermix); 3. Moonstone Ring (Banana Republic)

Occasion: Resort Poolside

If you're all about resort travel, jewelry can be great for poolside lounging in swimsuits and cover ups. Poolside lounging can be a relaxing experience without the jewelry, but if you're going for an especially luxurious look, bangles and ear pieces work perfectly. And if you just want to get your feet wet — literally — ear and arm jewelry are also the most practical option.

Inspiration: Luxe pool party

Rocking bangles and earrings by the pool, a la Nicki Minaj, may seem a bit over-the-top or impractical, but if we've learned anything from one of rap's most accessorized ladies, adding that extra bit of glam even with swimwear can really make you stand out poolside.

1. Miansai Hudson Cuff Bangle: Rosegold (Intermix); 2. Alexis Bittar Ribbon Cuff Bracelet (Intermix); 3. Personal Edge Shell Inlay Bangle (Banana Republic)