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The Checkout: A swimsuit that moves with you

PeopleOlivia Neagle, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Customer: Christine Nesbit from Mill Valley, California 

Spotted at: Athleta Store # 7073, 100 Corte Madera Town Center, Corte Madera, CA 94925

What brought her in Athleta: “I am an active mom, so a lot of the clothes I wear on a regular basis are ones that suit people who are moving around a lot. At Athleta, I love the colors. I usually come in once a season just to get a new top to bike in in the winter or shorts for the summertime. They usually last for a couple seasons, at least!" 

Favorite in-store item right now: Today, Christine picked up a new swimsuit, attesting that, “I love the suits here because I can run around with my kids and not worry about my suit falling off. They're flattering but they're also built for athletic people." Christine is looking forward to wearing her new suit on the beach this summer with her kids — who, during the school year, travel to class every morning on the back of her electric bike.

Where she gets inspiration for her own personal style: “I'm inspired by women who are strong and active as they age through life. There's no reason that getting older means you need to be any less active or healthy. I come in [to Athleta] and it reminds me to keep pursuing a healthy lifestyle. All the photos of the different women doing different things kind of push my boundaries of what I think I can do and try, even as I am in my 'mothering years.'"