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Guys, Old Navy’s coming for your closet

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Clothes for your bros — it's happening now at Old Navy.

GQ sat down with Old Navy's menswear designers Christopher Goble, Old Navy's general manager of menswear, and Claire Neuman, the vice president of men's design, to talk about the refocus on men's fashions and what's in store for later this year.

"I definitely think that there is the guy out there that wants the more fashion-forward pieces," Goble says. "And I think maybe we might have already had him before, but maybe we weren't giving him the right products. We were just giving him basics at that point. And now we have the fashion, and he's going for that as well. So it's really starting to turn around for us."

We also get a sneak peek into the upcoming men's Fall 2015 collection, which includes joggers, athletic bomber jackets and bright madras button-ups.

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