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Fanfare welcomes new Gap, Old Navy stores in Greater China

CompanyYining Liang and Nathan Tjahjadi, Greater China RegionComment

Now with an Old Navy store in bustling Beijing and the first Gap specialty store in middle Taiwan, Gap Inc.'s Greater China fleet is showing welcome signs of rapid expansion and steady growth.

The region now has 131 stores in its Greater China region — 122 Gap and nine Old Navy.

Located in Beijing's central business district, the gorgeous two-story Old Navy is a part of the Beijing U-Town Shopping Center, one of the most trendy shopping spots among young professionals and middle-class families.

The Beijing store features plenty of our iconic navy blue and classic American style, with Women, Men, and Kids lines on the first floor and an entire second floor for Baby — this is the first China store to dedicate an entire floor to our youngest customers.

Plenty of local flavor complimented our classic American brands; local staff prepared a traditional Beijing-style popsicle bike stand and photo booth in front of the store, where customers enjoyed sweet treats while snapping photos in front of a California-themed backdrop.

The other grand opening event, in Taichung, Taiwan, heralded the first Gap specialty store in middle Taiwan. Tapping into the city's artistic feel, the event fully showcased the fashion and aesthetic DNA of the brand. Spanning four whole days, the celebration included a series of high-end fashion events, including a local-celebrity fashion show, REMIX artist Candy Bird's live painting show and a Casting Call styling event for kids, attracting thousands of local customers.