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Old Navy shows Pride to a T

ValuesOlivia Neagle, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

It wasn't too long ago that the LGBT community existed in the shadows of underground social clubs and in the fringes of society.

Now, fewer than 50 years after the Stonewall riots, which ignited the modern LGBT equality movement, companies such as Gap, Old Navy, Tiffany & Co., Apple, and many others are supporting the very same community — and its allies — through their products.

Old Navy even put it on a t-shirt.

Inspired by the inclusivity of the Pride movement, Old Navy's newest line of Pride tees are designed using a clean, modern aesthetic that can be worn by anyone — regardless of age or gender. Created with the whole family in mind, Old Navy is offering their tees in three different designs, with sizes ranging from baby to adult, inviting anyone and everyone to join in their show of support for equality.

“T-shirts are a graphic vehicle for people to express themselves," says Morgan Thomas, who helped oversee the shirts' design by Dustin Johnson.