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1970s-influenced accessories for summer

DesignJames R. Sanders, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Fashion is obsessed with the 1970s. For the past two seasons, the ultra-glam era has ruled the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris. This summer, accessories are having a major moment — with statement pieces and luxury collections that could have worked for any night at Studio 54.

Mini bags

Designers have been making a lot of money producing smaller or mini versions of some of their most popular bags. For the summer, a big seller is still the mini crossbody. While carrying a smaller bag isn't always practical, minis can be a stylish, lighter alternative — especially during the hotter months.

Key pieces: 1. Women's Faux-Leather Crossbody Bag (Old Navy); 2. Leather Crossbody (Gap); 3. Mini Zip Crossbody (Banana Republic)


Wide-brim hats

The boho-chic look prospered during the 1970s hippie movement, with wide-brim hats being used as statement pieces to push bohemian looks to the next level. In recent years, colorful headwear in exaggerated sizes has undergone a resurgence ever since Pharrell's infamous decision to sport a large, vintage Vivienne Westwood hat at the 2014 Grammy Awards. When searching for the right hat this season, pair larger, looser wide-brims with loose-fitting looks and casual styling — great for beach and poolside lounging. Alternatively, experiment with pairing a smaller, safari-style wide-brim with a more structured look.

Key pieces: 1. Women's Floppy Straw Sun Hat (Old Navy); 2. Wide Brim Felt Fedora (Athleta); 3. Tina Hat (Banana Republic)


Mid-sized belts

Belting can be tricky. A good rule-of-thumb is to use belts to break up and add structure to dominant or loose-fitting pieces. Wide belts have the potential to overpower instead of complement, whereas thin belts may get lost in the look. The mid-sized belt — especially popular in the 1970s — is a comfortable compromise, as it works well on a variety of silhouettes.

Key pieces: 1. Distressed Leather Belt (Gap); 2. Women's Wide Buckle Belt (Old Navy); 3. Roller Buckle Leather Belt (Banana Republic)


Strappy sandals

The strappy sandal is a great warm-weather alternative to closed-toed pumps, as it lets the foot breathe on those especially hot days. And the strap's built-in wow-factor provides a chic alternative perfect for summer concerts, festivals, dates and beach trips. For a dressier look that can translate from a day in the office to nighttime fun, just add heels.

Key pieces: 1. Women's Crosscross Sandals (Old Navy); 2. Aniya Gladiator Sandal (Banana Republic); 3. Prelie Cased Sandal (Banana Republic)