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Why ‘Geoff Got Dressed’

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Welcome to “After Hours," a new series showcasing the creative, passionate people that make Gap Inc. They are more than their titles; they are innovative individuals with awesome stories to share.


Every day he gets dressed ... and then he posts about it.

As he prepared to ring in 2013, Geoff Wagner wanted to challenge himself to do something in the New Year. Every day.

The Banana Republic graphic designer considered taking a class or designing something new on a daily basis. Then he landed on the perfect idea: For 365 days, he would post photos of his outfits to Tumblr.

Geoff Got Dressed was born.


“I'd often get comments from coworkers about what I was wearing, and it really inspired me," Geoff said. “People seem to enjoy it, and that makes me happy."

Geoff created his daily archive of his outfits and successfully met his goal of never wearing the same exact look twice. Today, Geoff posts two or three times per week with the help of his photographer, colleague Jen Allender, and has more than 8,000 Tumblr followers. He's snapped and shared more than 450 of his unique looks to date, many of which feature his expansive collection of knits.


Never afraid to experiment, Geoff's style ranges from minimalist to what he refers to as “more out-there."

“I don't know a lot of guys who would wear a kimono top to work. It is just me," he says. “I don't read a lot of fashion blogs or follow trends. If I like it, I wear it."


Although he does answer questions from his followers, for Geoff, fashion is all about expressing your own individual style. And coming to work for a fashion company has helped that style evolve.

Since joining Gap Inc. nearly five years ago, Geoff's expanded his style from a collection of unique tees and jeans to a wider array of eclectic fashions with an adult edge.


So what's next? In June, he's heading off to visit the Faroe Islands, a fishing community in the North Atlantic known for knitting. “I plan to buy some sweaters there."

And while Geoff is having fun sharing his own take on fashion, his advice to others is simple: Don't use him as a guide.

“I do it because it makes me happy," he said, "but in no way do I want to tell you what to wear."

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