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Red is in Fashion

ValuesBrooke Ginnard, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment

Tomorrow, red is your power color.

April 14 is National Equal Pay Day, which has inspired a national movement to wear red — symbolizing how women are in the "red" compared to their male counterparts. In the U.S., Equal Pay Day represents how many extra days women have to work in 2015 to make as much as men did in 2014.

At Gap Inc., every day is Equal Pay Day. Women and men are paid dollar for dollar — equal pay for equal work — across the globe.

The Gap was founded in 1969 as an equal investment between a woman and a man — Doris Fisher and her husband, Don. Gender equality is built into the fabric of the company culture, and today, women make up approximately 73 percent of the company's workforce.

But in the U.S., pay equality still has a long way to go. On average, women make 78 cents to a man's dollar. That amounts to women losing nearly $500,000 to the gender pay gap over the course of their careers.

At Gap Inc., we're proud to be a leader in pushing the equal pay conversation forward. That's why we're joining the national movement to wear red in support of equal pay for equal work.

So click those ruby slippers, and speak out for equal pay. Join the conversation on social media by participating in the “Every Day is #EqualPayDay" campaign.