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A simple scarf goes a long way

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Editor’s Note: The following letter — transcribed from Japanese to English — comes from a Mr. Nakano of Japan. He shares a particularly heartwarming story involving Kayo Futagami, store manager for Japan’s Banana Republic Store #4030 in Nara.

I am writing to thank you for an action your employee took.

My father has been senile for some time, and yesterday he disappeared from the house. He didn't come home by midnight, and my mother and I called the police and filed for a missing person. However, after midnight, a female employee from your company brought him back to us.

My father could not articulate his home address, and although he stopped a taxi, the driver didn't know where to go. That's when your employee happened to pass by.

The only leads were the name of the apartment building and my father's name on his cane. She looked up the building on her mobile phone, got in the taxi and then checked each name on the mailbox to find our house. I insisted that we show our gratitude in some way, but she said that she just did what anyone would have done, and left while we were paying the taxi driver.

The reason we found out that she is your employee is because she wrapped a scarf around my father's neck to keep him warm.

I told her that I would clean it and deliver it to her home, but she declined, saying that she commutes to Nara and is seldom home. She added that because the scarf is from the brand that she works for, we should not bother returning it. The scarf has a BANANA REPUBLIC label.

Also, my father came home with a bandage on his arm. He said that he fell walking, and your employee treated his injury.

I cannot thank her more for doing this for my father. It was past 1 a.m. when he came home. She must have been so tired on her way back from her work ... there are no words that would be enough to express our gratitude.

I wish for your company's further prosperity.

Thank you.