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Wrap the gifts — then wrap yourself in something warm

DesignTara R. Hunt and Janet Alexander, Gap Inc. bloggersComment

While you're wrapping all the gifts, wrapping your arms around your loved ones and wrapping lights around the tree, don't forget to wrap yourself. After all, tucking in with a good scarf is as festive as Fair Isle and as practical as it gets in these biting pre-winter weeks.

The scarf has come a long way from its utilitarian purposes as a "sweat cloth," as it was known in Ancient Rome. Though now a fashion staple for all seasons and fashion sensibilities — who could forget the Hermes head scarf made popular by Audrey Hepburn? — the scarf has undeniable winter appeal.

Complementing casual and elegant looks alike — ready to accompany you on a weekend shopping trip or dazzle at the company holiday party — check out the Gap Inc. brands' array of need-to-have neckwear.

If it ain't broke...

You'll find them in Fair Isle, cable knit and plaid — and we don't mean sweaters this time. If you're just looking for a touch of seasonal spice for your look, a traditional scarf in a tried-and-true print, worn the tried-and-true way, is a great way to do it.

The look is as comfortably androgynous as it is simple and understated. At Gap, try the wintry-themed Fair Isle mohair scarf with a linen stripe tee and 1969 perfect boot cords to play up the masculine flare. If Fair Isle isn't your style, Gap's solid cable knit scarf — in an ever-festive modern red or snow-cap white — will look great in the family photos for years to come.

Cowl girl

Cowl and infinity scarves remove all the styling guesswork; instead of deciding on a Parisian knot or a loose drape, these plush, extra-cozy scarves rest on your décolletage like a holiday reef. They add a dramatic element of volume to minimal ensembles and simple silhouettes, from your favorite boots, jeans and long-sleeve tee combo to a dress. Old Navy's Women's Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf and Faux-Fur Funnel Scarf, or Gap's Honeycomb cable-knit cowl scarf, are especially at home with the Jersey Midi Tank Dress or Fleece V-neck Shift Dress. Plus: heavy-knit, solid-colored cowl draws attention to your holiday-ready face and hair.

Bohemian bib

If the traditional is too traditional and a cowl neck is too top-heavy, don't forget the more flowy members of the scarf family. An effortless, casual chic of bib-lical proportions, the bib's flirty, loose fit is unabashedly bohemian, especially when topping a layered outfit. Hit all the right angles by wearing Gap's Cozy southwestern scarf with your favorite long-sleeve Gap t-shirt and jeans for a rustic daytime or nighttime look that travels well between temperatures and locations. If southwestern isn't your style, Gap's cozy buffalo plaid scarf looks just as good with a dress and a mug of hot chocolate.

A cousin of the poncho wrap, one of Old Navy's most popular items in the fall, this look is a great segue into winter.

The oversized

  On model and #2:  Athleta's Soft Crossdye Blanket Wrap , 1. Old Navy's  Oversized Striped Scarf ,  3. Banana Republic's  Cora Scarf

On model and #2: Athleta's Soft Crossdye Blanket Wrap, 1. Old Navy's Oversized Striped Scarf,  3. Banana Republic's Cora Scarf

Your neck doesn't have to have all the fun.

An oversized scarf can be worn as a statement piece, pulling together an entire look that stretches from head-to-(nearly)-toe. Choose a boldly colored oversized scarf to serve up some contrast against a black and white ensemble. Or, you can mix textures by selecting an oversized scarf that's made from a different material than the rest of your outfit.

Banana Republic's large and in charge Cora Scarf is no wallflower, nor is Old Navy's Oversized Striped Scarf. But, as blogger Gal Meets Glam proved in her holiday gift guide, oversize needn't be boldly colored to make a bold fashion statement. Check out how she styled Athleta's Soft Crossdye Blanket Wrap.

Whether you're wrapping yourself or stuffing stockings with these winter warmers, you're sure to find what you're looking for at the Gap Inc. brands.