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Let Snoop Dogg be your guide: Meet Old Navy’s 2015 Overnight Millionaire

CompanyTara R. Hunt, Gap Inc. blogger3 Comments

Kaitlyn Jackson, 19, is Old Navy's newest Overnight Millionaire — and it's all thanks to one radio spot featuring Snoop Dogg.

The third annual Overnight Millionaire sweepstakes launched when Old Navy stores opened for Black Friday shopping. The first 50 people in line at every Old Navy store in North America had a chance to enter the sweepstakes; and the winner, drawn at random, gets a cool million dollars.

The win for this Piedmont, South Carolina resident is a shocking, but welcome early holiday gift for her whole family — as well as an early birthday present for her daughter, Abby, who turns three on Dec. 26.

Kaitlyn, who usually shops at the Old Navy at the Plaza at Greenville, always makes a Black Friday shopping trip. She bought gifts for herself and loved ones, stocking up on some kids' clothes for Abby. But this was her first year entering the Overnight Millionaire sweepstakes; spurred by Snoop Dogg's radio ad that came on in the car, Kaitlyn and her mother made an impromptu trip to their local Old Navy.

Kaitlyn was with her boyfriend, Austin, when she received the winning call, which she thought was a scam. Her mother thought it was fraud, too. Still in disbelief after the phone call, Kaitlyn and Austin kept their plans to go bowling. But once she knew it was legit, Kaitlyn said she felt nervous and excited.

Following in the footsteps of previous Overnight Millionaire winners Karen Crider and Scott Rowe, Kaitlyn plans on making investments in herself and her family. Among them: setting up a savings and college fund for Abby; moving herself, Austin and Abby into their own home — they currently live with Kaitlyn's mother; helping her mother with car payments; and finally starting to plan her and Austin's wedding.

First, though, is a family vacation to Gatlinburg, Tenn. and letting it all sink in.

Listen to the recording above of Kaitlyn's life-changing phone call.