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I see London, I see France: Which style capital are you?

DesignDanielle Robles, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

What do distressed denim, fringe and power suits have in common? Well, they're all hot looks trending out of fashion month — the most stylish time of year, when New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks hit one right after the other.

These trends all stand on their own — and the world's four style capitals are no different. Each city's distinct personality shines as it takes a turn starring on the world's most fashionable stage. From the structured silhouettes of minimalist NYC to the eclectic patterns of vibrant Milan, each city truly personifies the latest trends in its own way.

So, as Paris Fashion Week winds down, we're decoding the signature styles of the industry's most influential metropolises — and the must-haves you can shop right this second — for your perusing pleasure. The only question is...

Which style city are you?

Clockwise, L-R: Mid-Rise Harper Trousers (Old Navy); 1969 iconic jet-black denim jacket (Gap); White Silk High/Low Blouse (Banana Republic); Women's Faux-Leather Slip-Ons (Old Navy)

The Big Apple is known for its hustle and bustle, which is why many Manhattanites lean toward pieces that are both functional and fashionable. Don't get us wrong — this uber-sleek city's inhabitants would never sacrifice chic-ness for solely utilitarian purposes. Rather, you'll find easy-to-assemble minimalist staples, clean lines and monochrome palettes that can go from block to block, day to night. Black skinny jeans, leather jackets and sneakers or ankle boots are the go-to off-duty uniform all day, every day.

L-R: Women's Mixed Faux-Leather Ankle Boots (Old Navy); Merino turtleneck sweater (Gap); Asymmetrical Jacquard Skirt (Banana Republic)

Our neighbors across the pond are well-versed in the practice of effortless cool. Maybe its punk-rock roots surface more than we realize, but edgy will always apply to the city's fashion identity. An air of rebellion paired with an ample dose of carefree fun — the Brits march to the beat of their own drum via mod silhouettes, retro-inspired essentials and quirky prints.

L-R: Fringe Pullover (Banana Republic); Animal print slip-on sneakers (Gap); Mixed-Pleat Printed Midi Dress (Banana Republic)

Italians do everything vibrantly — so why should its style be any different? This season, kaleidoscope prints and bright colors took the runways, but over-the-top, out-of-the-box qualities show up in the details, too. The fashionistas of Milan know how to nail a bold statement using both commanding palettes and standout patterns. 

L-R: Camel Double-Breasted Coat (Banana Republic); Silk blend pocket shirt (Gap); BR Monogram Flannel Pleat Layer Dress (Banana Republic)

The City of Light is the dreamiest of the bunch — and if you've ever walked the Champs-Élysées, it's easy to see why. Parisian women have that undeniable je ne sais quoi that combines polish and practicality with the stuff dreams are made of. Think draped silhouettes, your favorite luxe textures and soft prints. To complete the look, picture yourself picture perfect with Old Navy's Textured Cocoon Coat, a favorite of the brand's new style ambassador, Katie Holmes.