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Pantone's Color of the Year: It's Marsala

DesignTighe Flatley, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Pantone, the principle purveyor of color, recently announced their 2015 Color of the Year – Marsala.

The Color of the Year sometimes influences fashion design. We asked some designers through Gap Inc. to share their reactions:

“We have seen the popularity of this color build recently when we highlighted colors very similar to Marsala. Going into Fall 2015 we are seeing the color again emerge in women’s as our burgundy and rust tones being variations on the pantone Marsala color. We love the color in our favorite silhouettes, including sweaters, dresses, jackets and even leather.”

- Melloney Birkett, VP Women’s Design, Banana Republic

“We are not really using [Marsala] in Mens. We have a color similar that appears on our color cards but is also less commercial. We tend towards more rusty brick type colors.”

- Michael Anderson, VP Men’s Design, Banana Republic

"Marsala is a color that has been building for us. This year our customer has responded really well to the burgundy and wine tones we have used, so we are excited to see Masala having a strong presence into next year. "

- Sarah Holme, VP Women’s Design, Old Navy

What do you think of Marsala? Is it a beautiful, earthy hue, or a drab dud? Let us know in the comments.