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One more way to pay

Company, TechnologyJennifer Poppers, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Like other procrastinators, I love to shop online when I have a few spare minutes in my day (I hope my boss isn’t reading this).

Case in point. I fly back to San Francisco on Labor Day and, as usual, I’m browsing through Gap’s essentials and Piperlime’s latest pieces just before take-off. Finally I’m ready to buy something (after all, summer is just getting started in the Bay Area and I have to be wardrobe-ready). Then, I realize, they’ve closed the cabin door. Time is ticking and my wallet is already stowed away. 

But it turns out, Gap Inc. is one of the first to officially launch Visa Checkout for customers who shop online, on any device, at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta and Piperlime. How cool is this?

When I first heard the feature was launching, I loaded my most overworked credit cards into my Visa Checkout account. So when I saw the Visa Checkout prompt in my payment screen, I quickly entered my username and password, and my credit card info, shipping and billing address automatically appeared. Just in time to power down and pretend to observe the security check.

It’s exciting to be one of the first to use this easy and convenient feature. This is going to make shopping online from the office so much easier to disguise! (I REALLY hope my boss isn’t reading this.)