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Old Navy CMO: Why Amy Poehler resonates

CompanyTanya Hart, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment

Gone are the days when a company could put out a television advertisement and be done with it. That said, film is not defunct, but alive and kicking (and wearing the Pixie Pant).

We live in a YouTube world, and people are hungry for “snackable content,” said Old Navy CMO Ivan Wicksteed, during Ad Age’s Digital Conference in San Francisco recently. It can be devoured anytime, anywhere.

He says Old Navy’s Amy Poehler Pixie Pant spots have been successful because of the compelling content – the spots are short, entertaining, and unpredictable.

Here’s Amy’s latest, which takes place in a courtroom.

The outtakes have been super popular too, including this most recent set (with an homage to daytime TV personality Judge Judy, who signed off on the footage, and even called it adorable.)

Amy’s creative team works with Old Navy’s team to write the commercials, so you know any blooper or extra footage is bound to be hilarious.

Marketing succeeds, says Ivan, when customers don’t feel marketed to, but are entertained.