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Banana Republic gives you early access

DesignLexy Kohake, Gap Inc. blogger Comment

Elle magazine calls the new kind of Banana Republic girl “more modern, edgier and chicer.”

We couldn’t agree more.

The brand’s new fall collection is available this Thursday, but we’re offering you exclusive access to exclusive pieces online Monday and Tuesday, before it hits stores. It’s likely to sell out, so click the link to get your pre-shop on.

These items are so unique that they were put on hold by our inventory and online teams for you to grab before they’re gone.

Banana Republic and fashion blog Who What Wear have partnered to give this exclusive access.

In addition to the pre-shop, Banana Republic and Who What Wear teamed up to host a live Twitter chat last week with the brand’s creative director Marissa Webb, Who What Wear co-founder Hillary Kerr, and InStyle’s Violet Gayner. Talk about access! Here are some of the highlights, (including some of Marissa’s style tips).