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Do you…“dress like no one’s watching?”

CompanySeth Farbman, Global CMO, Gap2 Comments

Believe it or not, I’ve asked myself this question many times in recent months.

As Gap’s Chief Marketing Officer, my job is to share our brand with customers around the world – and to share it in a way that conveys our deep belief in individualism and authenticity of personal style.

So when we sat down to think about our Fall season, we wanted to start a conversation that’s true to who we are as a brand.

That’s why we’re challenging people to dress for themselves. To be confident.  To be comfortable.  And, ultimately, to feel the liberation that comes from finding their own version of personal style.

Today, our Fall campaign – Dress Normal– fully comes to life across more than 10 miles of Gap storefront windows around the globe.  You’ll also see Dress Normal spreads in your favorite magazines featuring recognizable people like Anjelica Huston (Royal Tenenbaums), Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) and Zosia Mamet (Girls) – all known for their own art of dressing normal.

And, starting today, you’ll see how we’re provoking a conversation about what it means to Dress Normal – four new films directed by Academy Award-nominated director David Fincher (The Social Network, Fight Club and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, to name a few).  

Each film features a confident woman at the center and tells a story of how liberating it is when you are being your most authentic self. 

Under the premises of ‘simple clothes for you to complicate' and ‘let your actions speak louder than your clothes,’ you’ll be dropped into the middle of a story, essentially skipping the beginning and the end and challenging you to figure out the rest. 

You can catch these films on TV, in movie theatres, in our stores or online in the coming weeks, and we hope they provoke you to think about your version of Dress Normal.

And turns out, I do “dress like no one’s watching.” I dress for myself, no one else. I wear what I want to wear. And, for me, almost every day of the week, that starts with a pair of Gap jeans.