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Banana Republic’s 360 lifestyle

DesignTanya Hart, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment

Trendy sweat pants during the work week? Love it. Have been waiting for it. Don’t ever want it to go out of style.

Even more awesome is that this comes from Banana Republic, known more for office-ready polish. The new chic sweat pant is part of Banana Republic’s new campaign, “The New Look of Banana Republic,” which debuted in stores and online this week. The look is bolder, more unpredictable. And when we say new, we really mean new.

"My goal was showing you can wear a blazer on a weekend or a sweat pant during the week," Marissa Webb, Banana Republic’s creative director and executive vice president of design, told the Wall Street Journal.

This is the brand’s first campaign styled by Marissa, who describes it as the ultimate in hi-lo fashion. You can buy the clothes now, and come September, you’ll start seeing print ads featuring singer/songwriter Aloe Blacc and his wife, recording artist and songwriter Maya Jupiter.

It’s not just about work anymore, but a “360 lifestyle.” #ThenewBR is here, and is the shape of things to come.

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