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Gap rolls into Rio De Janeiro

CompanyRosemary K. Young, Global Corporate AffairsComment
carolina dieckmann corta a faixa inaugural da loja-9878.jpg

Time to break out the Caipirinhas—Gap has landed in Rio De Janeiro.

Last week, tens of thousands of people hit Gap’s newest location in the country’s second largest city. Hot on the heels of last September’s store opening in Sao Paolo, Gap Rio De Janeiro is the fifth store for the country.

The buzz was building long before the ribbon was cut.

And when it came time to taking the scissors to the trim, we put them in the hands of popular Brazilian soap star Carolina Dieckmann, which really drew the crowds!

Gap is just getting started in Brazil. By the end of the year, we’ll have 10 stores across six cities. It’s all part of our global franchise plan that includes new Gap stores coming to Slovenia in August and Austria in October. Stay tuned! 

carolina dieckmann corta a faixa inaugural da loja-9887.jpg